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Português, English, Français, Español Negotiable Budapest VIII. Hi! I am Dandara, I am from Brasil visiting Budapest to study classical dance this year. I am looking ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500HUF/HOUR Budapest IV. If you are interested, i will send you my CV.
Italiano, Español, English, Français, Català To discuss Budapest IX. Hi! I am an Italian girl living in Budapest till July. I am looking for a job like baby sitter or ...
Magyar, English, Pусский by discussion Budapest IV. Hello, My name is Evelyn. I went to uni in London, England, I speak english and russian fluently. I ...
Magyar, English, Français 1500/hour Miskolc I used to live in London, England for over 2 years working as a nanny and a creative assistant ...
Polski, English, Pусский, Português 1500 ft for one children and 2000 ft for two Budapest V. I am polish student In budapest. I love to spend time with children, I have friendly attitude and I ...
English 1000-1500 ft Érd (Budapest) I am a filipina but im presently livig in hungary
Magyar, English 1200-1500 Budapest II. Hi! I'm Rita a 22 year old psychology student. I started to look after children when I ...
Filipino, English, Magyar Negotiable Érd (Budapest) Dear Parents, I'm 26 years old Filipina with Driver's License. I'm living here in Hungary with ...
Meltem Naz
Türkçe, English, Italiano 2000ft / an hour - no need to travel ... Istanbul, Turkey Hi, im a landscape architecture student in Cornivus University,and here in Budapest i'm doing ...
Magyar, English, Español 1300-1500 HUF Budapest XII. Hello there :) I'm Fanni, a 23 year-old psychology student. I started to spend time with ...
Magyar, English negotiable Budapest I. Dear Family, My name is Beth, and I'm a 26 year old girl who has recently returned from London. ...
Magyar, English 1000-1500 ft/ hour Budapest IV. I was working as an aupair in the UK for a year and I had to take care of a little 6-year-old ...
English 2000 ft Budapest II. I am a kindergarden teacher at an international English speaking school . Being surrounded by ...
Español, English Negotiable Budapest VI. Dear Family, I'm a 27 year old. I have several years of experience babysitting and I would love ...
Magyar, English, Français 1000/hour Budapest IX. I'm on my gap year so i have a lot of freetime and since I've moved away from home i miss beig ...
Français, English, Español,
اللغة المصرية العامية
1500Ft / hours (1800Ft if there is two kids) Budapest XIII. I have a long experience with children and adolescents. I worked in a Highschool and some ...
Magyar, English 1500-2000Ft Budapest II. I've got a primary school teaching degree and currently working in a bilingual (English and ...
Magyar, Français, English 1000-1500 FT Budapest XVIII. Dear Family! I'm 26 years old hungarian girl. I speak French fluently, as I lived 3years and ...
Magyar, English, Français 1500HUFs/hour Budapest XIII. I speak English fluently, as I lived quite a few years abroad. I also speak French quite fluently ...
Magyar, English 1200 HUF/hour Budapest VII. I'm flexible, so if You need me any time, I can change my schedule.
Français, English, Español 1400 - 2000 ( depending on workplace) Budapest VII. I am a French girl, I studied literature and Spanish language and now, I take a break in Hungary, ...
Magyar, English agreement Budapest XII. Hello! My name's Kiss Gabriella. I'am 20. I very love the children. I started my family's children ...
Polski, English 1000-1500 Budapest V. My name is Miranda and I am from Poland. I have more than ten years experience in babysitting. ...
Deutsch, English 7 Euro an hour Budapest I. Hello, My name is Kati and i am from Germany. Right now i am doing an pre medical course ...
Deutsch, English, Magyar 7-10 euro Budapest VII. I am from Germany studying Sociology at the corvinus university. I would be happy to take ...
Magyar, Español, English 2000 Hódmezővásár
Likley i will be in Budapest evrey weekend.
Pусский, English, Deutsch 1500-2000 huf Budapest V. I'm a dancer and working here in Budapst, butonly in the morning) So.. i'm friendly, love ...
Magyar, Español, English 1000 Budapest III. I spent 8 years in South America and i studied in a bilingual school (english spanish) / Now Im a ...
Ελληνικά, English 3000 per hour Budapest V. My name is Natalie and I have been born and raised in Cyprus by a Greek-Cypriot family. I ...
English, Magyar 1,600-2,000/hr Budapest I. Hello. My name is Kathryn. Originally, I am from the USA, but currently, I study Hungarian ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1000 HUF / hour Budapest VI. Dear Family, I live in Budapest and would love to look after your children while you are at ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1000-1500 HUF/Hour Budakeszi I'm currently studying Psychology in the UK and have a month holiday from March to April. That's ...
Magyar, English, Français 1500/hr Budapest XI. Hi! My name is Lilla, I'm a CELTA qualified English teacher, and artist from the XI district. I'd like ...
Magyar, English, Español 2000 HUF/hour Budapest IX. Dear Family! My name is Kata and I am studying Sociology. I have just finished my ERASMUS ...
Magyar, English, Français 2000-2500HUF/hour Budapest XVII. Dear Family! My name is Bogi, i study psychology at the moment. In 2013 spent 8 months in ...
English negotiable/wk Tatabánya Hello parents :) I am Merly,25,recently residing in Tatabanya.I am young and ...
Magyar, English 1500-2000 Ft/hour Budapest XI. I worked as a childminder almost for two years in Ireland. I really enjoyed those two years ...
Magyar, English 1000-1500 HUF/hour Budapest XIV. Dear parents, I'm 24 years old and I'm a student at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in the ...
Magyar, English, Italiano wages to be discussed Budapest XII. Dear Parents, I am Julia. I have studied in Szilágyi Erzsébet High School in Budapest, after ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch open - upon mutual agreement Budapest VIII. Dear Parents, Thank you very much for taking your time and reading my application. I am ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1000/ hour Budapest XII. I am a student. I study at the PE Uni and I wanted to work next to it.
Magyar, English, Français 1500 /h ; ... Budapest XIII. I am 20 years old, and I am studying at ELTE-TÓK, this is my 2nd year and I am going ...
Español, English 2000 huf Budapest VIII. Hello parents, if you are looking for a responsible, energetic and nice person im here available ...
English, Deutsch, Slovenčina 1800-2200 HUF per hour Budapest VIII. Dear Family My name is Marcela and i will be moving to Budapest on February the 1st, 2015. I ...
English, Deutsch, Español 2000 HUF Per Hour Budapest V. Native speaker & CELTA qualified English teacher. Over 3 years experience working in ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English 2500 Ft/Stunde Dabas Meine Name ist Krisztina und ich komme aus Ungarn. Zurzeit wohne ich in Deutschland, und ...
Magyar, English, Pусский 1200 - 2000 Budapest III. Hi there! I'm an energetic young lady currently enrolled at Master level studies at BGF university ...
Magyar, English 1300-1500 HUF Budapest XVIII. I worked as a childminder in London and Ireland for 3 years. References are avaliable.
Magyar, English 1000-1500 HUF Budapest XVII. I am a university student, studying Russian linguistics and business administration. Since I ...
Pусский, English 1300 HUF per hour Budapest VIII. Kind and cheerful girl with experience working with children!
Français, English negotiable Budapest III. I am a cameroonian student who in ibs (international business school, budapest).
Magyar, English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano 1500 HUF/ hour Budapest XIII. My original profession is primary school teacher, I worked in alternative schools. I have ...
Magyar, English 2000 - 2500 Ft / hour London, U.K. International Nanny who worked in America ,Germany , Malta , UK and Italy . I am energetic, ...
English, Français Negoitable Budapest V. Hi, I am a friendly Irish girl studying Business in Corvinus University, Budapest. I have ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500/hour (1800 / in the evenings) Budapest XIII. Dear Parents! I have been working as a nanny for families from all over the world for 8,5 ...
English 1300ft/hour Budapest XI. I am an american citizen and would like to work if possible english speaking families.
Magyar, English 1500Huf/hour Albertirsa (Budapest) Im 36 yrs old, have 2 own daughters (13 & 10 yrs old). Im working as babysitter and ...
Magyar, English min. 1500-2000 forint/hour Isztimér (Székesfehérvár) Driver so transporting is not a problem.
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Français 1000-1500/hour (negotiable) Budapest IV. Dear Parents, I'm a psychology student so I have experience with children, especially over 3 ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 2500ft/hour Budapest XIV. I finished my secondary grammer school studies in 2014. Since 2012 I've been working with ...
English, Français 12.00 hour North Carolina, U.S.A. I am from the USA and would love to experience Hungarian culture while working with families, ...
Français, English 1500 - 2000 Budakeszi je m appelle Mireille,je suis une camerounais.j étudie a ibs (international business school) ...
Français, English 1500-2000 Budapest V. I am a 29 years old Cameroonian student at IBS. I speak French and English, and French is my ...
Magyar, English, Italiano 1500 HUF/ hour Budapest II. Dear Family! My name is Fruzsina, I'm 26 years old. I have a lot of experience with little kids. ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1000-1500Ft,- Üröm I am a hungarian girl, and I studying now Kindergarten teacher. So, I will be in the ...
Español, English, Magyar 1500 Budapest VIII. I am a 21 years old girl from Colombia, I am leaving in Hungary sins 4 years. I finished my ...
Magyar, English, Français 1000-1500 Budapest XII. From the summer of 2012 to the spring of 2013 I worked as a babysitter for a nigerian- ...
Magyar, English 1600-2000 Budapest XX. I have many years of experience as a babysitter, nanny and au-pair both in Hungary and ...
Magyar, English 1500 HUF / hour Budapest XII. Dear Family, I am really happy to read my words. :) I love playing with kids very much, ...
Magyar, English 1000 ft/hour Budapest I. I am study at a masseur school where we also study about children. I have got an ...
Magyar, English, עברית, Slovenčina negotiable Budapest XX. I have experience with taking care about kids as i was working with them in kindergartens. ...
Magyar, English, Español 1500-2000/hour Budapest XXI. Dear parents, My name is Alexa. I'm a 22 years old female. I speak spanish and english on ...
Español, English 1000 ft/h Budapest VII. My name is María, I'm studying civil engineer in Budapest and I'm 25 years old. I'm from Spain ...
Magyar, English, Français, Deutsch negotiable Budapest II. Dear Parents, I'm 27 years old photography student,and I have been always enjoyed take ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1000 HUF/ h Budapest I. I have good communication skills,I can speak with children easy. I am very careful, patient,reliable. ...
Magyar, English Negotiable Budapest XI. Dear Family, We recently moved back to Hungary from the United Kingdom, where I spent ...
English, Magyar depending on time and number of kids Budapest VII. n/a
Slovenčina, Magyar, Čeština, English negotiable Budapest XI. Dobry den, som slovak studujuci v Budapesti. Rad Vam pomozem postrazit deti, ktore mam ...
Magyar, English Babysitting: 1500Huf/h, ... Budapest IX. A friendly, happy, creative and communicative special educational teacher would like to work ...
Magyar, English 1000 Budapest IX. I am a trainer, teacher, experience with my granddauhter, and some of grandchildren of my ...
Magyar, English, Română, Français, Deutsch negotiable Budapest XII. I'm currently having my master in fashion design. I'm highly interested in arts, as films, ...
Magyar, English 1500-2000 HUF/hour Budapest XXI. Dear Parents, I am a fourty years old mother, having two children (11 years old boy, 7 years ...
Español, English la pactada con la familia Budapest XXIII. soy enfermera de nacionalidad colombiana con experiencia para cuidar bebe y niño de ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch negotiable Budapest VIII. I am 20 year-old HR student (most interested in psychology) currently living in Budapest. During ...
Magyar, English ~1000 Ft/ hour Budapest VIII. I speak almost fluent English and I'm currently studying art in college. I am comfortable ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch To be discussed Budapest VII. I am a very experienced babysitter, who loves spending time with kids. I am 24 years old university ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500-1700HUF/hr Budapest XI. Dear Family, I'm an experienced kindergarten teacher. I have worked with children for ...
Magyar, English 1200/h Budapest V. Hi, I am Zsuzsanna from budapest, I've been working for a family in full time, do the houseworks ...
Eesti, English, Magyar - Budapest VII. I'm a music student from Estonia. I used to live in Budapest last school year for 10 months and ...
Magyar, English 1000 ft Budapest V. Dear Parents! I am a kind, patient girl, who loves to take care of and to play with children. If ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch negotiable Budapest XIII. I'm a 20 years old student at University of Applied Arts Vienna on Graphic Design faculty. ...
Magyar, English 1500Ft Budapest XIV. Originally I'm a teacher, but in the last 13 years I lived abroad, in Holland, Egypt and England. ...
Magyar, English Negotiable Tatabánya I'm a 34 year old Hungarian nanny. I'm energetic,fun-loving,organized and tidy. I love to play ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English Negotiable Budapest XIX. Hi!My name is Lisa,I'm an 18 year old,high school student in senior year.I'm attending a Waldorf ...
Magyar, English Negotiable Páty (Budapest) For 14 years I attended and graduated the American International School of ...
Pусский, Українська, English 2000 Budapest IX. I am young fresh graduated student from IBS,living 6 years in Hungary.I love children and ...
Magyar, English Negotiable Pilisszentiván (Budapest) I just finished a two month long trip through Europe, visiting several Waldorf schools, ...
English, Deutsch negotiable Nagykovácsi (Budapest) .
Italiano, Magyar, English, Español, Français negotiable Budapest XIV. 23 years old, half-italian/half-hungarian girl. I study Foreign Languages and Economics ...
English, Magyar, Français 1,200-2,000/hour Budapest XIV. Dear parents, I'm an experience babysit, nanny as I'm a mom of two. You and your babies, ...
Español, English, Français, Magyar To be negotiated. Budapest VII. I am a very responsible girl. I really love kids and enjoy playing and spending time with them. ...
Français, English 1200-1500 Budapest VI. Je possède le diplôme français d'animation, le Bafa. Mais j'ai plutôt enrichit mon ...
English, Deutsch a Budapest I. live -out job
Magyar, English 1000-1200 HUF/ hour Budakalász (Budapest) I'm a 21-year-old university student, but at the moment I'm having a break in my ...
Magyar, English 1600-1700 HUF/hour Budapest V. I am a middle age professional nanny, originally trained as primary school teacher, and I also ...
Italiano, English, Português negoziabile Budapest XI. esperienza in attività manuali / Dear family, i'm Italian 23 old girl, i had take care of child ...
Magyar, English, Français, Deutsch negotiable Budapest XXI. I have been working as a nanny since 2007, taking care of children(kindergarten to ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch To be discussed Üllő (Budapest) Dear Family, My name is Heni. I live close to the Budapest Airport. I consider myself as a ...
English 1,500-2,000 Budapest VIII. I am a qualified social care worker from Ireland. I have great interpersonal skills and love ...
English, Français 1500-2000 HUF Budapest VIII. I a 23 year old Irish girl. I have just finished University and spent 4 years studying to be a ...
Magyar, English 1000-1500 Budapest VIII. I'm a 21 years old, I go to the College of Pető András, where I've started the fifth semmester ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch negotiable Budapest X. I like the children and i have one brother and one sister. I can care about the children, because ...
Magyar, English, Pусский negotiable Budapest III. Hello! I'm Krisztina living in Csillaghegy (3rd district, Budapest). Currently I work from home ...
Magyar, English 1600 Huf Budapest II. I have gained plenty of experience with children as I have 5 siblings from the age of 4 to 15. ...
Hrvatski, English, Italiano negotiable Budapest II. I'm 19 year old girl with a lot of experience in taking care of little kids.I came here,to Budapest ...
Magyar, English, Pусский by appointment Budapest XIV. I'm also available tutoring.
Magyar, English, Italiano, Deutsch 1500/hour Budapest XII. Hello dear Family! I am Eszter, teacher, art educator. I am locking forward to meet you and ...
English Negotiable Budapest V. I have worked as a babysitter since i was about 15 years old. I am the eldest of five children and ...
Italiano, English, Français 1500 Huf/hour Budapest VIII. I am an Italian student now living in Budapest. I have always worked as baby-sitter in Italy and ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500-2000 HUF/hour Budapest VI. Dear Family,I'm 25 years old and currently study in Pető Institute.I work with disabled children ...
Magyar, English, Български, Deutsch Negotiable Budapest VI. I know, usually girls work as babysitters, but I really love kids (especially between the ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Italiano, Français Subject to negotiation Budapest II. Dear Family, My name is Noemi, I am 26 and am seeking a live-out nanny position in Budapest. ...
Magyar, Français, English à négocier Budapest II. Etudiante en psychologie en vue de devenir psychologue pour enfants je cherche des activités ...
Magyar, English, Română 900 ft/hour Budapest XII. I'm 20 years old and I'm studying hairdressing at the moment, I have already a job but I would be ...
Magyar, English 1000 HUF/hour Érd (Budapest) Dear family, I have been taking care of children ever since I was a teenager. I had jobs that ...
ქართული, Pусский, English 1000-2500HUF/hour Budapest X. NA
Magyar, English, Italiano 2000-3500 HUF/hour Budapest XVII. I am also teaching english for kids!
Magyar, English 1600 HUF / hours Budapest IV. I have been working as a babysitter for foreign families since 2000 I have 3 grown - up children . ...
Español, English, Deutsch, Magyar 1200/2000ft por hora Budapest VIII. Estudiante de master en la academia Ferenc Liszt de música. Experiencia enseñando ...
Magyar, English, Italiano, Svenska, Français negotiable Budapest XVI. Dear Family, I am Monika ,36years old. I speak hungarian, english,some italian and ...
Magyar, English, Français 400-500 per week Budapest XI. I have a Bachelor's degree as a conductor-teacher and I am also studying special needs' ...
Magyar, Slovenščina, Hrvatski, English negotiable Budapest XI. I'm 25 years old medical student, who love children. :) I was an aupair in UK for almost ...
Magyar, English, Français negotiable Budapest VI. I'm an 19 years old girl, who really loves children. I'm at university, called ELTE, I'm learning ...
Magyar, English from 1200 HUF Budapest II. Hy, I am 24 years old girl, who is studying law at University. I have a younger brother and a ...
Magyar, English Negotiable Budapest XIV. Dear Mrs. Mom/Mr. Dad! I'm Anne, a sophomore at András Pető Institute of Conductive ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English, Français 1500ft/hour Budapest XIV. Dear Parents, My name is Jennifer and I am fresh graduate Graphic Designer. I'm half Hungarian ...
Magyar, English 1500 Ft/hr Budapest V. Dear Parents, I'm a 23-year-old Hungarian girl. I'm also a university student currently living ...
Magyar, English 2500/hr Budapest VI. Hello, this is Reka here. I've recently moved back to Bp from London UK, where I spent ...
Eesti, English, Deutsch, Magyar 1000-1200/h Budapest I. Hello! I am a 25-year-old student from Estonia here in Budapest to study Hungarology. I ...
فارسی, English parent's decision Budapest IX. It has been 4 years that i am living in budapest. I studied in BME international secondary ...
Magyar, English, Français, Italiano negotiable Budapest XVII. I am a very experienced nanny with UK and HUngarian checkable references with professional ...
Magyar, English Depends on you Budapest VIII. I'm an artist who is really creative and nice with children.
Magyar, English Negotiable Budapest VIII. Dear Parents, I am a student in the Pető András Institute for Conductive Education of ...
Magyar, English 2000 HUF Budapest XII. I am a retired kindergarten teacher
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1400 Budapest XVII. Dear Parents, My name is Timi and I'm 23 years old. I study special education, and I would ...
Pусский, English, Deutsch 1500 ft. Budapest XII. I have worked before for American, Dutch, New Zealand families. I have flexible hours. ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English 1000- Huf/hour Budapest XII. Dear parents! Young mother (12. destr.)with experience would be happy to take care of your ...
Magyar, English negotiable Budapest VII. Dear Family ! My name is Bori, I'm a 21 years old Hungarian girl. I would be so happy if i could ...
Magyar, English 1500-2000 HUF/hour or ... Budapest XI. Dear Parents, I am 23 and currently doing my Masters in Psychology. I am happy ...
Magyar, English, Italiano 2000 Forint/hour Budapest XIV. Hi, my name is Ági and I'm currently looking for a part-time babysitting possibility, ...
Magyar, English 1500-2000 Budapest IV. I am a 23 years old, brother of 2 sisters. My oldest sister is now 12 and the youngest is 3. I ...
Polski, English, Magyar Negotiable Budapest I. Hello! My name is Barbara. I come from Poland but now I live in Budapest. I worked here ...
Česky, English, Magyar 1000ft per hour Budapest XIV. Hello, I am a student from Czech republic, who study in Budapest. I study at Liszt Ferenc ...
Magyar, English 1500/ hour Pilisborosjenő I'm sociable and have an open personality, I like getting to know new people and making ...
Magyar, English 1800-2000 Ft/hour Budapest XIII. I have few years of experience as a babysitter, I have worked in the USA and in Budapest as ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch Negotiable Pomáz Hi, I am Nikita, a 21 years old tennis coach in Hungary. After doing this job for years ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch Negotiable Budapest II. Hi, I am Edith, a twenty years old student from Budapest. I was an au pair in London for one ...
Magyar, English 1300 HUF Budapest XX. I am a pediatric nurse and have experience in babysitting as well.
English, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch 2000 HUF/hour Budapest VI. Hi there! I am an American-Dutch student (native speaker of both languages), 27 years old, ...
Magyar, English, Italiano 1500-2000 Huf/hour Budapest X. Dear Family, I'm a 22-year-old girl and I would be very happy if I could be your au pair, and I ...
English 13-14$/h Budapest IX. I am a reliable, disciplined and honest. I have extensive work experience in taking ...
Magyar, Français, English, Deutsch Can be discussed Budapest II. Hello, I am Janka 21 years old. I am looking for regular or occasional babysitting ...
Shqip, Français, English, Italiano 1250 ft per hour Budapest VI. Hello, my name is Daniela. Like a responsible to manage projects in day care centre I have ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Dansk 800 Ft/hour Budapest VI. I am studying as a special educational needs teatcher and therapeutist. My facultations ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1000-1500/hour Budapest XIII. I am studyig at Semmelweis Medical University faculty of Health Science. I have experience ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500/hour Budapest XIII. I am a child psychologist, who is working in a school setting during the academic year, so ...
Magyar, English 2000 Ft/hour Budapest XIII. I am a primary school teacher and was working abroad (USA) with children for more than ...
فارسی, Nederlands, English Above 1300 ft/hr+My travel expenses ... Pécs I am a dentistry student in Pecs.I have done babysitting during my high school and even ...
Magyar, English depends Budapest XI. I am 18 years old, and Im looking for a nanny or babysitter job in Budapest. I love kids and ...
English, Magyar 1500-2000/hr Budapest VII. I am a British citizen living in Budapest, I have a lot of experience with children ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500 HUF per hour Budakalász (Budapest) I am a 19 years old student from Budapest.
Magyar, English 1000-1500 HUF/hour Budapest XI. Dear Parents! My name is Reka and I am a 24 year old Hungarian girl living in Budapest. I am ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch according to discussion Solymár (Budapest) I'm a 19 year old girl who loves children. I'm getting ready to be a teacher, and I'm also going ...
Magyar, Română, English, Français By agreement Budapest XVIII. I have been working for a number of expatriate families. Also I have been employed by Happy ...
English, Magyar, Français 2000ft /h Budapest III. Hi there! I am a 21 year old Canadian who was born and raised in Budapest. I have been ...
Magyar, English min. 1000 HUF/hour Budapest II. Dear Family, I would like to be your next babysitter, I will make your days easier. I can help ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch based on our agreement Budapest II. Dear parents, I'm a Hungarian, English speaking babysitter living and studying in Budapest. ...
English, فارسی 2000ft per hour Budapest XI. Graduate MSc Architecture ( bme university ) . Good in paint and drawing and artistic ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch 2000-2500 HUF / hour and ... Budapest VII. Would you like a flexible nanny for your children? Don't you want to worry about their safety? ...
Українська, Pусский, English, Español, Magyar 1500Ft/hour Budapest VII. I am a 19-year old female Ukrainian student and I have an experience of babysitting ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Français 1500/ hour Budapest VII. My name is Agnes. I live in Budapest since 2009, first i studied history of art and hungarian ...
English, Deutsch y Budapest VI. y
Magyar, English, Deutsch 1500-2000ft/hour Budapest XIII. i'm a fresh graduate with a Master's degree from psychology. Im working in part time ...
Magyar, English, Español, Français 1500Ft/hour Budapest X. My name is Viola,I'm from Hungary. I live in Budapest, I study at Budapest Business ...
Magyar, English 1000HUF/hour/child Budapest XVIII. Dear Parents! My name is Emese, I'm 27 years old, non-smoker, reliable, caring, certified ...
Magyar, English around 1000 huf/hour Budapest VII. Dear parents, :) My name is Hanna, I am a graphic student at art university. I am a ...
Magyar, English daytime: HUF 1500-2000, ... Budapest XI. Dear Parents, I've four children and two grandchildren (at the moment they are 2 and 3 years ...
Magyar, Español, English 1800 HUF/hora Budapest XVII. Me encanta estar con niños.(la edad no importa) En 2012 trabajaba como voluntaria ...
Magyar, English 1000 Ft/hour (+ travel expenses) Dunakeszi (Budapest) Dear Parents, My name is Zsófi, I am a college student at Eötvös Loránd Universtiy. I first ...
Magyar, English 1500-2000/hour Budapest VIII. Dear Parents, I am Ani, 24 yrs old, studying 'English studies' at a university in Budapest. I ...
Magyar, English 1000-2000 Budapest II. I have two little siblings. My mother works with childrens. I just finished high school.
Magyar, Română, Italiano, English cash Budapest VII. I am a children nurse, and I learn to be a midwife too :)
Magyar, English, Español min. 1000 huf/hour Budaörs During summer I'm available on the weekdays too. Between September and June I could only work ...
Magyar, English 3000 HUF/h Miskolc Only in Budapest, Hungary.
Magyar, English negotiable Budapest VI. Dear Parents, I am a 32 years old hungarian woman. I have 5 years babysitter experience ...
Magyar, English Around 1000/hour, ... Budapest VIII. I had a lot of small children and baby in my family. I like to take care of them and play ...
Magyar, English 1000-1500 HUF Budapest XII. I consider myself a very open-minded, cheerful and creative person who is always ready ...
Magyar, English Negotiable Budapest XXI. Hi there, I've been working and living in the UK/Switzerland since 2005, after 9 years I ...
Magyar, Italiano, English 1000 fiorini/ora Budapest III. Ho esperienza come baby-sitter in due famiglie diverse (una bambina italiana di 2 anni, e un ...
Français, Español, English negociable Budapest VII. Until the 4th July 2014, I'm free all the evenings and weekend' days. From the 5th, all days ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English, Español 1500-2000 Pilisborosjenő (Budapest) I have years of experience of working with children from different countries and ...
English, Français, Magyar min. 1500 HUF per hour Budapest V. I a Canadian expat living in Budapest since December. I have had many years of experience ...
Pусский, English minimum 1500 HUF Budapest VII. Hello, my name is Natalia. Im russian and i fluently speak russian and english. I have a lot ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English, 日本語 negotiable Budapest VIII. Dear Parents,I am a 25 year old pyschology student and I love being around children!I am a ...
English, Deutsch, Pусский 1500-2000 HUF Budapest VI. Responsible and mature native-English speaking babysitter who can also help your children ...
English, Magyar To be discussed Budapest II. Hello Families! Im a proud grandmother, full of energy and young at heart! I have ...
Magyar, English, Română 1000-2000 Ft/Hour Budapest XIV. Dear Madam/Sir / My name is Emoke. I am a nanny with more than 5 years of experience ...
فارسی, English 1000-2000 (huf/h) Budapest IX. i have a master degree in architecture engineering,and correctly applying for ...
Magyar, English, Italiano 1000-1500 HUF per hour Tahitótfalu (Vác) I am 18 years old, and currently in high school. I am the second child of a family of four children, ...
Magyar, English, Italiano 1000-1500 HUF Budapest XVII. My name is Adrienn, I am 22 years old, student at Pázmány Péter Catholic University. I ...
Magyar, English, Français, Suomi 1000-2000 HUF/hour Budapest XI. Dear families, I am a 22 year old Hungarian girl living in Budapest, district XI. I am currently ...
Magyar, English, Nederlands 1000-1500 HUF/hour Budapest III. I'm a young, energetics person. I never had problem with the children before, usually ...
Magyar, English, Français 1500 Huf Budapest XIII. I am a full time Nanny. I had been living in London for 5 years. I am experienced with newborns, ...
Magyar, English, 조선말/한국어 negotiable Budapest XI. I'm 22 years old and I'm going to be a primary school teacher. I have been learning Korean ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English - Budapest VII. My name is Fanni and Im 24 years old. I worked for 5 years with children. I worked in ...
Tagalog, English negotiable Budapest XVI. Im cris from Philippines looking for part time job.
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Français negotiable Budapest XI. I am a qualified nursery teacher and have been taking care of children for 12 years. I ...
Български, Français, English, Magyar it does not matter Budapest II. I am Sofiya and i study International Relations at Corvinus University. Before coming to ...
Magyar, English 2000-2500 HUF/ HOUR Budapest VIII. Dear Parents, I am a 33 years old hungarian woman. I have 5 years babysitter experience with ...
Hrvatski, Српски/Srpski, English negotiable Budapest VII. Hello Parents!! I am a student of English and Media in Budapest and I love children! I have a ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English 1000-1500 Ft/hour Pilisborosjenő (Budapest) I'm studying special education at ELTE. I'm a 2nd year student. In my free time I like reading, ...
Magyar, English, Español Negotiable Budapest IV. Dear Parents! I'm looking for a job as a PART TIME BABYSITTER for English speaking families ...
English, Magyar, Ελληνικά 2000Ft/hour Budapest VII. I am 19 years old and just graduated from makeup school. Before I continue my career ...
Magyar, English, Français, Polski 1000-1500 HUF/hour Budapest V. Hi everyone, my name is Anna. I'm a 23 years old student from Budapest. I don't have ...
English, Español To be discussed Budapest VII. I have extensive experience as a nanny, and have worked in the United States, Spain, ...
Magyar, English, Français 1200 HUF Budapest XII. Dear Parents! :) My name is Sara, I am a uni student at MOME, where I study art- and design ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Česky, Slovenčina 1100 HUF/ HOUR Almásfüzitő Dear Family! My name is Piroska, 38 year-old woman from Almásfüzitő and looking ...
Español, English, Magyar 1500 ft/hour Budapest XIII. Hi families! My name is Elena and I am a 24 yearold Spanish phycisist that has just finished ...
Magyar, English, Français, العربية 1500 HUF/hour Budapest XIX. Dear potencial Family, this is Bernadett, a qualified au-pair since 2005. I have been ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Italiano negotiable Budakalász I am a 20 year old Hungarian-American citizen. I am currently studying at Corvinus ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, עברית to be discussed Budapest XIII. I am a 33 years old English speaking Hungarian woman. I speak native English lived ...
Magyar, English, Español, Pусский HUF 1500 Budapest XI. I like being around children and they also enjoy spending time with me. I am best with children ...
Magyar, English, Français 1000-1500 Huf per hour Budapest II. Dear Families! I am a 20 year old psychology student and I have participated as a ...
Magyar, English 1500 HUF per hour Budapest XII. I'm an educated lively 60 years old women with extended free time. I love children very ...
Français, Deutsch, English, Español, Magyar negociable + ... Budapest VII. Dear parents and children, My name is Celina,I am 25 years old and I live in Budapest ...
Magyar, English 1000 HUF / hour Budapest VII. Hi! My name is Fanni, I'm 22 years old. I have two younger brothers, one is 14 and the other ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English - Budapest II. As a 2. child in a family with 4 children, I have many experience with children. My mother ...
Magyar, Slovenčina, English 1000 HUF/hour Budapest II. Dear Families, I believe the skills I possess play a tremendous role in children behaviour ...
Magyar, English, Français, עברית 1200-1500 HUF/hours Budapest XI. Dear Family! I'm a hungaryan lady, and I'm looking for a part-time babysitting. I speak english ...
Magyar, Română, English 1000-2000 ft Budapest XVIII. I am a 22 year old and I studied at Budapest College of Communication and ...
Magyar, English, Français, Italiano 1500ft-tól Budapest XVII. Dear Family, I am an English teacher with 3 years childcare experience in England, ...
Magyar, English, Português negotiable (depending on ... Budapest XII. I am a 24- year- old Hungarian girl. I've just finished my BA in English and Portuguese Studies ...
Eesti, English, Magyar 1000-1500 Ft/h (negotiable) Budapest VI. My name is Eveli and I'm 25 years old. I'm from Estonia, but right now I'm residing in ...
Magyar, English 1000 HUF/hour Budapest IV. My name is Édua, I'm 22 years old, I'm a student of the Musical Institute of Kőbánya, ...
Magyar, English, Français Negotiable Budapest III. I am 22 years, I learn the Szent istván University, where I study environmental ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch Negotiable Budapest XIII. My name is Agi, I'm a Hungarian student from Budapest. I study design, film, and art history. ...
Magyar, English 800-1000/ hour Budapest II. I am currently studying to become a special kindergarten teacher ( conductor) because ...
Magyar, English, Français 1500-2000 per hour Budapest IV. I am a patient, responsible person and I love children. I am also easy-going and flexible with ...
Magyar, English 1000-1200huf/hour Budapest II. Hi my name is Zsofi and I'm a 28 years old friendly, non-smoker girl. I have more than 3 ...
Magyar, English 1500 HUF per hour Budapest VII. I am a qualified nursery school teacher and a drama teacher. I have worked with ...
Magyar, English, Español, Pусский 1,500-2,000 HUF/hour Budapest XII. I am a kind, cheerful, sporty, trustworthy and discrete Hungarian girl speaking fluent ...
English, Magyar negociable Budapest XX. Studied Early childhood Education and Development. I have been teaching in Budapest for ...
Magyar, English, Pусский negotiable Üröm (Budapest) Dear Parents, If you are looking for an English and Russian speaking babysitter for your ...
English, Magyar, Français To be discussed Budapest XVI. I am an English teacher from the US. I have taught in the public school system and have ...
Magyar, English, Español NA Csévharaszt (Budapest) I'm a mother of a 23 years old man. I like to deal with children of any age. I enjoy helping ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English, Français Laut Absprache Budapest XII. Liebe Eltern! Junggebliebene Leihoma betreut gern Ihre Kinder, mit viel Spielen, ...
Magyar, English, 조선말/한국어 1000 HUF/hour Budapest XXII. I'm a 24 years old, nice girl and studied biophysics at ELTE University. Recently ...
Magyar, English, Pусский 1000-1500 HUF / hour Budapest V. I have been working as a babysitter for around 18 years, I am 44 years old Hungarian. Despite I do ...
Magyar, English, Pусский, Português 1500-2000 HUF/hour Budapest III. I study Portuguese Literature and Linguistics (Master course) at Eötvös Lóránd University. ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Español 1300-2500 depending on length ... Budapest IX. Hello Dear, my name is Viki, I am a single mother of two boys (7 and 8 years old). I have ...
Magyar, English, Français negotiable Budapest XIV. Dear family , My name is Laura , I am 36 years old i have lived in United States for 2 ...
Tagalog, English, Magyar 1000-1500 HUF/Hour Budapest VI. Dear Families, My name is Verna from the Philippines. I live in Hungary for 4 years . ...
Magyar, English 1500/h Budapest VIII. I am Christina. I am a student in Semmelweis University, I'm learning Dietitian. It is my ...
Hrvatski, Slovenščina, English 1300Ft/hour Budapest V. University degree in Social pedagogy (Faculty of Education, University of ...
Magyar, English, Español Negotiable Budapest VII. I'm an active, smiling and open-minded young woman who loves children, we always ...
Magyar, English, Deutsch, Español to be discussed Budapest VIII. In January I finished my university studies in English literature and culture. After my ...
Magyar, Italiano, Français, English 1000-1500/60 min. Budapest XIII. Signora 50enne , molto giovanile ed affidabile, laureata in lingue, con esperienza pluriennale ...
Hrvatski, English, Magyar by arrangement Budapest XII. Hi families! Do you need a caring, child loving babysitter for your children? I am a croatian ...
Magyar, English, Español depneding on hours and ... Budapest XI. Dear Parents, I'm a 24 years old student, currently study at ELTE. I love children and I ...
Magyar, English, Français, Deutsch depends but min. 1000 HUF Budapest IX. Hi, I am 20 years old living in the center of Budapest. I'm a university student (social studies). ...
Magyar, English Huf 3000/hour Budapest IX. I am a 40-year-old English speaking Hungarian nanny. I have been working as a nanny for ...
Magyar, English 1500-1800 Ft/ hour Budapest XII. An experienced mother and grandmother with College Degree, would take care of children. ...
English, Magyar, Français, Español To be discussed Budapest II. 25+ YEARS experience as full time Nanny. / Both Sole charge and shared charge. / Have excellent ...
Magyar, Deutsch, English, 日本語 800-1000 HUF Mogyoród (Budapest) Dear Family, thanks for opening my page. I was a babysitter of two children for about a ...

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